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Check out the Office

Cooper Orthodontic's modern exterior reflects Dr. Cooper's use of the latest and greatest orthodontic technology to provide custom orthodontic care.

Video: Office Tour

Take a walk through our centrally located office on Washington Avenue in Houston, Texas with...
The Cooper Orthodontic waiting area is designed to look more like your family room than a doctor's office so you can get comfortable.

Comfortable Waiting Area

Enjoy a hot or cold beverage while you get comfortable in our waiting area, and...
The quiet treatment room offers privacy for adult patients and new patient exams, and is contains Dr. Cooper's many orthodontic certificates and diplomas.

Quiet-Treatment Room

The quiet treatment room offers privacy for adult patients and new patient exams, and contains...
PlanMeca's low-dose 3D x-ray machine provides all of the information Dr. Cooper needs while minimizing your exposure to radiation.

Low Dose 3D Imaging

Dr. Cooper uses 3D imaging machine to create custom orthodontic treatment, while exposing her patients...

Our Smiling Team Members


Heather is one of the clinical assistants for Cooper Orthodontics

Lindsey, RDA
Lindsey, RDA

Lindsey is the Digital Lab Technician here at Cooper Orthodontics.

Lindsey, RDA
Lydia, RDA – Treatment Coordinator
Lydia, RDA – Treatment Coordinator

Lydia has been working in orthodontics since 1995. She loves the “life-changing" experience of helping create a beautiful smile, that a patient can be proud of. “That is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Lydia, RDA – Treatment Coordinator
Dr. Bryn Cooper
Dr. Bryn Cooper

Owner and founder of Cooper Orthodontics, Dr. Bryn Cooper is a board-certified orthodontist and is proud to offer top-notch orthodontic care.

Dr. Bryn Cooper

Guides & Services

Guide to Appliances

  There are many types of appliances, but two basic rules apply:   Keep them clean Don’t break them If you are doing these 2

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how to floss properly
Guide to Braces

  Before leaving the office each visit Use fingers and tongue to check wire ends for areas that might poke or abrade tongue or cheek

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smiling woman invisalign
Clear Aligners

Clear aligners offers teens and adults alike the opportunity to straighten teeth and fix bites without covering up your beautiful smile during treatment. If you’ve been

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Lingual Braces
Lingual Braces

Lingual braces keep your beautiful white teeth front and center, while Dr. Cooper works to beautify your smile “behind the scenes.”

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